Rich Dad and his Son

Rich Dad and his Son

One day, a rich Dad took his son on a trip to show him how poor people lives. They spent time on the farm of a poor family.

On the way to home,Dad asked to his son;

How poor they are? What did you learn from this trip?

Son said…..
We have one dog, they have 4 of them.

We have a pool, they have a river.

We have tube-lights at night, they have stars.

We buy food, they grow.

We have walls to protect us, they have friends.

We have television, they spend time with family and relatives.

Then he added:

Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are….!

Moral of the Story:

Its not about money, or clothes, or gadgets, or cars, or a big house that matters….its simplicity, love, compassion,friendships, values, family that makes our lives rich.

How you perceive your life? Does money is what all matters to you? Or is it love that inspires you every single moment to be a better human being?

Last Update : 21 April 2016, ::: Malala Yousafzai

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