Patience is the word usually uttered by senior citizens. The moment patience is uttered it creates a sort of dissatisfaction in the mind of the listener. In fact, Patience is an amazing and a very positive word. For few to thoroughly understand the word patience it takes a long time and in the case of heady even lifetime may not be sufficient. Patience has got very deep roots and covers very wide range of meaning. When there is no immediate visible suitable solution for a critical problem, then the instant antidote remedy is simply to adopt patience.
When the first stage awareness is ignored and because of negligence caused the grave situation, patience is the right remedy for the time being before next strategy is finalized.
Generally, hasty people and youth are with the wrong conception that patience is nothing but one’s weakness or lack of courage to challenge the problem. In fact when full strength or force is failed to solve the problem, in such situations patience only tactfully resolves the situation.
When once one has thoroughly understood the power of patience, then only he has to take the shelter under positive hope until for the favourable situation. Patience gives enough time to understand all the probabilities in depth by both the parties. It gives enough time to understand both the involved parties themselves one another.
Patience is a costless, silent, invisible, most effective, power-filled weapon of intellectuals. It avoids enmity and settles the problem amicably. Patience creates the win-win situation under friendly atmosphere. If you look at the patience in any angle it will not make anyone lose and ultimately it will bring the success only. Patience is the torch of peace lovers and ultimate invisible weapon of wisdom seekers.

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